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welcome to be U lounge salon suites.

Hey guys, my name is Sabria Bullaku, owner of be U lounge Salon Suites located at 1530 Merivale Rd, Nepean, ON. I’m eyeing February 2022 as our grand opening but with covid-19 and it’s new variants, things may change. Moreover, when we do open our doors, I’d like to invite you all, professionals & customers to come and experience our beauty & wellness community. Be U lounge Salon Suites is a place where clients can enjoy their favorite luxuries, as well as discover new ones. Our philosophy is to make sure that each and every guest that walks through our doors leaves feeling inspired, beautiful, rejuvenated; basically a better you. Below I’ll answer some common questions regarding our be U lounge Salon Suites community, what we offer, and more. Happy Reading!

what is be U lounge?

We’re not just an average salon, be U lounge is a community of beauty & wellness professionals, all in one place. Our community of Salon Suites caters to an array of customers with a variety of tastes. From hair, nails, permanent make-up; to cosmetic injections and massage therapy, we will offer everything you need to feel beautiful, with a capital U.

Right now, we’re working tirelessly to get these salon suites to industry standards and provide you guys with the best experience possible. This is also a primary motivator in me becoming an entrepreneur. I wanted to showcase my vision, my own way.

what was the inspiration behind be U lounge?

I started be U lounge as an experiment. I wanted to create an environment where an artist can be themselves, and take charge of their business without the hassle of the traditional salon business model. I began my career in the beauty industry at the age of 19 as a salon assistant in the Ottawa area. I eventually decided to stop working for other entrepreneurs and become one myself. That’s when Brows & Beyond was created, a permanent makeup salon, originally located in Downtown Ottawa. I worked in a building similar to be U lounge Salon Suites, but parking and accessibility wasn’t that great. So, I moved my salon to it’s own walk-up location where I had room to grow as an artist and a businesswoman. Throughout the years, I’ve learned so much as an owner, and overcame a lot of obstacles too. With be U lounge, I wanted to eliminate those obstacles for other business owners and develop a space where they can truly take their business to the next level

what can you find a be U lounge?

Here at be U lounge Salon Suites, we’ll be offering many beauty & wellness oriented services like: hairstyling, barbering, aesthetics, and more. To view our Salon Suite Directory, click here. Once we’re open, you’ll be able to discover all of your beauty needs in one place. As we grow, so will you, and we hope to become a staple in your daily, or monthly beauty routine. As a beauty oriented community, we always want to stay on top of trends, and we want the same for you, too. So, sign up below for our monthly newsletter to stay up to date on all things beauty for 2022!

I’m a professional, how can I join the be U lounge community?

What is a professional? A professional at be U lounge is someone who is trained in the field of beauty, wellness, skincare, or aesthetics. We offer luxury style suites for various types of professionals like: hair stylist, nail techs and lash artist. In addition, our suites are also great for skin care specialists, massage therapists, tattoo artists, cosmetic injection providers and foot care nurses – basically anything that aids the mind, body, and spirit. It is so often that when starting a business, especially in the beauty industry, we start at home, or rent a chair. But what if there was an option that’s even better? Keep your home private, and don’t just rent to help another person. Rent to help yourself! To see what you can earn by leasing one of our salon suites, follow this link.

why be U lounge?

As a professional in the beauty industry myself, I know what it’s like starting your own business. It can be costly, time-consuming, and sometimes stressful. Dealing with all the aspects of running a brand such as payroll, inventory, utilities,and rent can take a toll on anyone. At be U lounge, we offer artists the opportunity to lease a space and not worry about permits, contracts, and all that stressful business stuff that comes with the traditional salon business model. We want to break that mold and we want you to come in, create, and just be you! Make our community better by providing your individual style & unique clientele, to get started on your leasing application, click here.

As a Customer of be U lounge, I want you to walk in and be amazed by our dedication, our professionals and the communal beauty experience. This is a judge free zone and we want all of our clients and professionals to feel safe and accepted. Our goal is to always inspire and that’s what we want our customers to feel when they enter our salon suites, no matter what their choice of opulence is that day. I personally love options, and at be U lounge, we have tons of them- so come check them out. Follow us on instagram or facebook to stay in the loop for our upcoming grand opening.

Stay healthy & safe.

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